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Microdialysis; An Overview

Author(s): A Annapurna, K Murali Krishna, V Krishna Kumar, G Jaya Prakash, V Satynarayana

Microdialysis is an in vivo technique that permits monitoring of local concentrations of drugs and metabolites at specific sites in the body. About a decade ago the microdialysis technique entered the field of pharmacokinetic research, in the brain, and later also in peripheral tissues and blood. Microdialysis has several characteristics, which makes it an attractive tool for pharmacokinetic research. The objective of this review is to survey the recent literature regarding the application of microdialysis in pharmacokinetic studies and facilitating many other studies and peripheral tissues, subcutaneous adipose tissue, heart, lung etc and in blood. Microdialysis measures the unbound concentrations in the peripheral tissue fluid which have been shown to be responsible for the pharmacological effects. With the increasing number of applications of microdialysis, it is obvious that this method will have an important place is studying drug pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics.


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