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Microencapsulation of Eugenol by Gelatin-Sodium Alginate Complex Coacervation

Author(s): Ujwala Shinde, Mangal Nagarsenker

Present study describes microencapsulation of eugenol using gelatin-sodium alginate complex coacervation. The effects of core to coat ratio and drying method on properties of the eugenol microcapsules were investigated. The eugenol microcapsules were evaluated for surface characteristics, micromeritic properties, oil loading and encapsulation efficiency. Eugenol microcapsules possessed good flow properties, thus improved handling. The scanning electron photomicrographs showed globular surface of microcapsules prepared with core: coat ratio1:1. The treatment with dehydrating agent isopropanol lead to shrinking of microcapsule wall with cracks on it. The percent oil loading and encapsulation efficiency increased with increase in core: coat ratio whereas treatment with dehydrating agent resulted in reduction in loading and percent encapsulation efficiency of eugenol microcapsules.

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