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Microspheres As Oral Delivery System For Insulin

Author(s): K Gowthamarajan, T Giriraj Kulkarni, D Senthil Rajan, B Suresh

Microspheres of eudragit L100 and S 100 containing insulin, protease inhibitor and bile salts were prepared by solvent diffusion technique. The chemical interaction between the drug, polymers and adjuvants was evaluated by FTlR and found that there was no interaction between them. In vitro release studies were carried out using metabolic shaker. The microspheres showed delayed release. Based on the in vitro release profile, ideal batches of rnicrospheres (prepared with Eudragit L100 alone and S100 alone as carriers and 1% aprotinin and 1% sodium glycocholate) were selected and used for in vivo evaluation of hypoglycemic effect. The in vivo hypoglycemic effect was determined in rats by measuring the blood glucose level using a glucometer. In the in vivo evaluation, insulin microspheres prepared with Eudragit L-100,1% aprotinin and 1% sodium glycocholate showed prolonged hypoglycemic effect for 3 h when compared with intravenous injection of bovine insulin.


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