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Microwave Assisted Synthesis, AntiHIV, And AntiYFV Activities Of Schiff Bases Of N-HY-Droxy-N1-Aminoguanidine Tosylate

Author(s): D Sriram, P Yogeeswari, T. G Ashok Kumar

The microwave-assisted syntheses of N-hydroxy-N1-aminoguanidines (S1-S8) starting from thiosemicarbazide are reported herein. These derivatives were evaluated against infection by the human immunodeficiency virus type-1 using human T4 lymphocyte cell line and yellow fever virus strain 17D activity in Vero cells. Compound 1-(4'-chlorobenzylidene) amino-3-hydroxy guanidine (S3) showed maximum percentage protection of 43.68% against HIV-1 induced cytopathogenicity. Compound S3 was also found to be the most active compound against YFV with EC50 of 2.5 μM, and CC50 of more than 100 μM when compared to ribavirin.


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