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Modulated Permeation Of Insulin Through Glucose Sensitive Membrane

Author(s): C. S Satish, H. G Shivakumar

Glucose sensitive membrane was prepared by solution casting method containing pH sensitive microparticles. The membranes consisted of semiinterpenetrating polymer network microparticles, of poly(vinyl alcohol) and poly(methacrylic acid), Glucose oxidase and catalase enzyme. The immobilized glucose oxidase acted as the glucose sensor and catalyzer; it was sensitive to glucose and catalyzed the glucose conversion to gluconic acid. Catalase was used to convert hydrogen peroxide to oxygen. There was no detectable leakage of enzymes in the release media and the activity of the immobilized enzymes was 70% compared to that of free enzymes. The permeability of insulin was dependent on the glucose concentration. The insulin permeability increased 3 times when the glucose concentration was increased from 50 mg% to 200 mg% and increased by 7 times when the glucose concentration was 400 mg%.


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