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Optimization Of Process Parameters For The Production Of Inulinase From Aspergillus Niger

Author(s): T Prabhakar, P Ellaiah, P Vasu, V Saisaha, M Sunitha

Fifty cultures of inulinase producing fungi were isolated from 5 different soil samples using a synthetic medium with inulin as the sole carbon source. Among these, an isolate AUP19 exhibited maximum inulinase activity and was identified as Aspergillus niger. Studies were carried out on concentration of inulin, different carbon and nitrogen sources, process parameters like optimum temperature, pH, fermentation time, and inoculum level using this strain. The optimized process parameters for inulinase production are incubation temperature, 28°; fermentation time, 72 h; pH, 6.5 and inoculum level, 10% (v/v). Maximum inulinase production (176 u/ml) in indented flasks was achieved under optimized conditions with medium containing inulin, 5%; galactose, 1%; corn steep liquor, 1% and (NH4) H2PO4, 1%.


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