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Pattern Of Drug-Use In An Indian Urban Area : A Questionnaire Survey

Author(s): A. D Choudhury, K Sudhakar, R Abdullah, A Holla, C. R Choudhury

A questionnaire survey was carried out among 196 responders (drug-salesmen working in authorized drug stores) to investigate the pattern of drug-use in an Indian urban community considered as representative sample. Study revealed that, 30.6% buyers could show the prescription from a qualified doctor or a dentist. Fifteen-percent prescriptions came from dentists. Sixty nine percent respondents answered that a number of buyers insisted them to advice a drug for their illness. Ayurvedic physicians were prescribing allopathic drugs, as reported by 53.3% responders. Qualified physicians were prescribing herbal drugs, 17.8% responders. Antibiotics were the highest sold 55% followed by tonics 30%, antacids 10% and other drugs 5% Only 14 respbnders (7.1%) heard about Essential Drugs and two persons (1%) knew the generic name of a few drugs. Prescriptions are not easy readable was reported by 75% responders. The prices of drugs are increasing was answered by 196 responders (100%).The outcome perhaps represents the situation elsewhere in India.


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