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Pharmacological Screening Of Isatin-[N-(2-alkylbenzoxazole-5-carbonyl)] Hydrazones

Author(s): M Saragapani, V. M Reddy

Fifteen different isatin-[N-(2-alkylbenzoxazole-5-carbonyl)] hydrazones prepared earlier were screened for analgesic, antidepressant and H1-antihistaminic activities, and also for their effect on pentobarbi-tone-induced narcosis, by standard methods. Results revealed that three compounds h, n and e possessing a methyl substituent at 7-position of the benzoxazole system could exhibit good analgesic activity, in relation to standard. Five of the test compounds, h, g, j. n and i were to potentiate the pentobarbitone-induced narcosis more powerfully than imipramine HCI. The antidepressant and H1-antihistaminic activities of these compounds were not comparable to those of the standards imipramine HCI and diphenhydramine. HCI, employed in the investigation. Out of all, only compound k was found to exhibit all the tested activities, though to varied extents.


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