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Photo- and Thermal Degradation of Piroxicam in Aqueous Solution

Author(s): M Aminuddin, U Nazim, I Ahmad

Light and temperature have considerable effect on the degradation of piroxicam in aqueous solutions. The pH and acetate buffer ions also affect the degradation process. The apparent first-order rate constants for the photochemical and thermal degradation of piroxicam have been determined as 2.04–10.01 and 0.86-3.06×10−3 min−1, respectively. The first-order plots for the degradation of piroxicam showed good linearity within a range of 20-50% loss of piroxicam at pH 2.0-12.0. The rate-pH profile for the photodegradation of piroxicam is a U-shaped curve and for the thermal degradation a bell-shaped curve in the pH range of 2.0-12.0. The thermal degradation of piroxicam was maximum around pH 6.0. It is increased in the presence of acetate ions but was not affected by citrate and phosphate ions.

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