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Photometric Titration Methods For The Determination Of Thiopentone Sodium In Injections

Author(s): D. K Sharma, Shashibala Kalia, Lata Thakur, Sumita Sood

Two simple photometric titration methods for the determination of thiopentone sodium in injections at milligram and sub-milligram levels have been developed. That the drug compound hydrolyses in aqueous tert-butanol to form sodium hydroxide which is instantaneously transformed into bright yellow sodium benzyl trithiocarbonate (λmax, 430 nm) through reaction with carbon disulphide and benzyl mercaptan has been made the basis of first method. For sub-milligram amounts, the method is based on the formation of yellowish green colour (λmax, 360nm) on mixing the drug with cobalt (II) acetate in dimethylformamide.