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Physical Stability And Dissolution Rate of Ibuprofen Suspensions Formulated Employing Its Solid Dispersions

Author(s): K. P. R Chowdary, L Srinivas

Ibuprofen suspensions were formulated employing its solid dispersions in HPMC, PVP, PEG and dextrin and were evaluated for particle size, physical stability and dissolution rate. lbuprofen suspensions formulated employing its solid dispersions exhibited good suspendability and gave higher dissolution rates of ibuprofen than those formulated with ibuprofen alone and commercial products. Suspension formulated with solid dispersion in dextrin gave highest improvement in dissolution rate and efficiency. Dissolution of ibuprofen from the suspensions obeyed Hixson-Crowell's cube root equation. Good linear relationships were observed between particle size and dissolution rate and efficiency. Smaller particles gave higher dissolution rate and efficiency values.


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