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Physiological Role, Distribution And Pharmacological Characteristics Of ?3-Adrenoceptorts : An Overview.

Author(s): Arindam Paul, Sunita Goswami, D.D Santani

The existence of an atypical (non β1, non (β2) form of β-receptors in various tissues has been reported in several studies. Reports of responses produced by β-adrenoceptor antagonists suggested the existence of an atypical b-adrenoceptor (β3). Interest is currently growing in the future heterogeneity of b-adrenoceptors. Bearing in mind the additional potential for therapeutic advancement, this review summarizes the structure-function relationship, physiological role and tissue distribution of β3 -adrenoceptors. It also gives the introductory overview of pharmacological actions and clinical indications for treatment with b-adrenoceptor agonists.


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