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Posological considerations of Ocimum sanctum (Tulasi) as per ayurvedic science and pharmaceutical sciences

Author(s): D.B.A. Narayana1, R. Manohar2, Anita Mahapatra2, R. M. Sujithra2, A. R. Aramya2
1Ayurvidye Trust, Bangalore-560 085, India 2AVP Research Foundation, Coimbatore-641 045, India

Correspondence Address:
R. Manohar AVP Research Foundation, Coimbatore-641 045 India E-mail: [email protected]

A study in 2010 reported that administration of 2 g of O. sanctum leaves for 30 days to laboratory male albino rabbits showed adverse effect on sperm count and male hormones. The dose and duration at which this testing was reported was commented upon as being high. It is learnt that basis this publication a few European regulators have imposed restrictions on usage of O. sanctum. Recognizing the need for evaluation, a review has been made of the posological considerations related to decision on dose of a drug in pharmaceuticals (drug development stages) and in Ayurvedic science as part of history of use and current usage. Specifically, we report the dose range as per documented tradition, marketed products containing O. sanctum as an ingredient and current clinical practice. Greater consultation is suggested before deciding the studies on Ayurvedic herbs. Regulatory action of banning use of O. sanctum needs a review and may need to be replaced with an advisory.

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