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Power Plants : Green Pharmacy

Author(s): S.K Bagga, Laura Mccarthy, S.Z Rahman, K Jhawar, S Ahuja, N Udupa, A.V Singh, R.V.S.V Vadlamudi

For thousands of years human beings have made medicines from the plants, which surrounded them. In recent times, pharmaceutical companies have gathered or synthesized the active compounds from these plants, stabilized them, and intensified them for broad distribution and long (and profitable) shelf lives. Its well known that every substance when used in the right dose andway has medicinal value but it is wrong to believe that natural products are free of any side effects. To mention an example is honey, when its taken in excess can cause liver damage due to its high fructose content. The only reason why people suffer from the side effects of the medicine is because they are not used properly. Some of the medicinal plants that were taken for discussion are, milk thistle, black cohosh, bilberry, hawthorne, horse chestnut, honey, turmeric, White, red, purple, yellow and green vegetables and fruits, ephedra, grapefruit juice and drug interactions and saw palmetto.


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