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Preparation And Characterization Of Agglomerates Of Flurbiprofen By Spherical Crystallization Technique

Author(s): M.K Chourasia, Nitin K Jain, S Jain, N.K Jain, S.K Jain

Flurbiprofen is an analgesic and antiinflammatory drug with poor water solubility and compressibility. Flurbiprofen conventional drug crystals were converted into spherical crystal agglomerates via the spherical crystallization technique using acetone-water-hexane solvent system. The various parameters optimized were type, amount and mode of addition of bridging liquid, temperature, and agitation speed to get maximum amount of spherical crystals. These were characterized for micromeritic properties (particle size and shape, flowability), packability (bulk density), wettability (contact angle) and compressibility. It was revealed from the study that spherical agglomerates exhibited improved flowability, wettability and compaction behaviour.


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