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Preparation And Evaluation Of Albumin - Chitosan Microsphere Containing Theophylline

Author(s): K Muthushamy, K. P Shibi, T. K Ravi

Albumin-chitosan beads were prepared by heat stabilization method in the presence of Span 80. Theophylline was used as the model drug. The chemical interactions between the drug, albumin and chitosan were evaluated using IR and HPLC. It was found that there was no interaction between them. Microspheres with seven drug to carrier ratios were prepared and thermally cross-linked. Drug to carrier ratio 1:1:2 showed maximum yield and highest entrapment. The particle size range increased approximately from 542 to 1078 μm with a peak between 779 to 948 μm. The maximum encapsulation efficiency was found to be 78.2±2.1% w/w. In vitro release studies were carried out in different pH for a period of 8 h and compared with the pure drug. These albumin-chitosan microspheres are, thus, suitable for oral sustained release of theophylline.


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