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Preparation And Evaluation Of Directly Compressible Forms Of Rifampicin And Ibuprofen

Author(s): Aparna Joshi, S.P Shah, A.N Misra

Ibuprofen and rifampicin are high dose drugs and are known for having compression related problems. There drugs were modified to directly compressible forms by granulation and spherical crystallization technique. In granulation technique, drug was mixed with pre-gelatinized starch and sprayed with polyvinyl pyrrolidone 20% in isopropyl alcohol as binder and wet mix was passed through sieve no. 10, 16, 22 and 44 and dried. In spherical crystallization technique, a centrifuge tube containing supersaturated solution of drugs was rotated at 500-600 rpm and recrystallized by non-solvent addition along with suitable bridging liquid and formed spherical agglomerates were separated from solvent, non-solvent and bridging liquid by centrifugation and dried. The experimental parameters like effect of type of bridging liquid, concentration of bridging liquid, agitation speed, effect of temperature and mode of addition of bridging liquid on formation of spherical crystals were optimized. The resulted granules and crystals produced by respective technique were mixed with disintegrant and lubricants and compressed on running single stroke tablet compression machine by direct compression. The prepared tablets of both drugs were found to satisfy all quality control requirements of tablets mentioned in the Indian Pharmacopoeia.


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