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Preparation And Evaluation Of Hydroxy Citric Acid From Garcinia Cambogia Extract Using RP-Amide HPLC

Author(s): B Antony, Winny Varghese, Merina Elias

Garcinia cambogia is an exotic fruit grown in the southern parts and Western ghats of India. Hydroxy citric acid is the active component present in this fruit which imparts the characteristic sour taste. Hydroxy citric acid is found to be physiologically active. It is a significant factor in reducing obesity. Hydroxy citric acid is an alpha, beta dihydroxy tricarboxylic acid, which is less stable and easily converted into its lactone. Both hydroxy citric acid and its lactone are estimated using RP amide C15 HPLC column and is described in this paper. Ethylene diamine salt of hydroxy citric acid is used as the reference material. The percentage of hydroxy citric acid varies from 45-65% in different salts of hydroxy citric acid.


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