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Preparation and evaluation of microspheres of diclofenac sodium.

Author(s): Rani KN Shobha, AG Goundalkar, K Prakasam, N Shobha K
Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Hosur Road, Banglore-560 027

Correspondence Address:
Rani KN Shobha Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Hosur Road, Banglore-560 027

Microspheres of Diclofenac sodium were prepared using carriers such as albumin, ethyl cellulose, gelatin,calcium alginate and waxes by different techniues of microencapsulation. The yield varied from 65 percent to 85.2 percent. The stability of the drug in the formulations was confirmed by IR and TLC studies. Drug associated with the microspheres was estimated and it ranged from 14.5 percent to 90 percent. Scanning electron microscopy revealed the morphology of microspheres. Size of the particles in different microspheres as determined by Optical microscopy ranged from 36.3 mum to 46.6 mum. Short term stability studies were carried out at 60 C, 37 C, Room temprature (RT) and 5 C and they were all foundstable except microspheres with waxes and albumin as the carriers which were unstable at 60 degree C. In-vitro release studies were carried out at different pH for a period of 8h and compared with pure drug and marketed samples. The rate of release of drug from the microspheres of gelatin and ethyl cellulose was significantly retarded.


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