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Preparation and evaluation of mouth dissolving tablets of salbutamol sulphate

Author(s): Sarasija Suresh, V Pandit, HP Joshi
Department of Pharmaceutics, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore - 560 027, India

Correspondence Address:
Sarasija Suresh Department of Pharmaceutics, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore - 560 027 India E-mail:

Asthma is an inflammatory disorder that results in the obstruction of air pathways and causes difficulty in breathing. Amongst the currently available means of treatment, oral dosage forms are associated with lag time and delayed onset of action. However, aerosols and parenterals have rapid onset of action but strongly affect patient compliance. Thus, an attempt was made to improve the onset of action of bronchodilator used commonly in the treatment of asthma. Fast dissolving tablets of salbutamol sulphate were prepared using sublimable ingredients. Selection of the filler also had an important role in deciding the disintegration time. Evaluation of the tablets showed that all the tablets were found to be within official limits and the disintegration time for the formulations ranged from 5 s to 40 s. Amongst all, the formulation containing microcrystalline cellulose and ammonium bicarbonate showed the least disintegration time of 5 s.

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