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Prescribing pattern of antidiabetic drugs in Indore city hospital

Author(s): Sudha Vengurlekar, Prerna Shukla, P Patidar, R Bafna, S Jain
Smriti College of Pharmaceutical Education, Indore-452 001, India

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Sudha Vengurlekar Smriti College of Pharmaceutical Education, Indore-452 001, India India E-mail:

Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by hyperglycemia, glycosuria, and sometimes ketonemia. The present study was carried out to assess prescribing practice and general trend of diabetes among patients at the Bombay Hospital, Indore. Prescriptions and complete records of diabetic patients were monitored and data was filed as per WHO prescription proforma. The study revealed that prescription of metformin (27%) and glimepiride (22.60%) were found to be maximum among various available antidiabetic drugs. Category wise the maximum prescribed drugs are glimepride (22.60%, sulfonylurea category), metformin (27%, biguanide category) and pioglitazones (13.90%, glitazone category). Insulin prescription was found to be very less (4.5%). Combination of metformin and glimepiride (20.86%) was prescribed most commonly. Most common disease associated with diabetes mellitus was found to be hypertension (35%). Highest prevalence of disease was found to be in the age group of 51 to 60 followed by age group of 41 to 50. Men patients (66.36%) were found to be predominated over women patients (33.64%).

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