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Prevalence of potential drug interactions in an Iranian general hospital

Author(s): G Sepehri, P Khazaelli, F Arabpour Dahooie, E Sepehri, MR Dehghani

The hazards of prescribing many drugs, including side-effects, drug-drug interactions and difficulties of compliance have long been recognized as particular problems when prescribing. This study estimates the rate and factors associated with potential drug-drug interactions in prescriptions from wards of An Iranian General Hospital. Data were retrieved from the pharmacy of a general hospital (200 beds) during one year period 2010. Potential drug-drug interaction were identified using a computerized drug-drug interaction database system (Prescription Analyzer 2000, Sara Rayane Co., Iran). Patients of both genders and 15 years-old or more were included in this study. Prescriptions with two or more drugs prescribed were selected during one year period 2010. Gender number of drugs and therapeutic drug classes on prescriptions were explored as associated factors to drug-drug interaction. The overall prevalence of potential drug-drug interaction was 20.3%. The risks of severe potential drug interactions were relatively high and the rate of potential drug-drug interaction was significantly higher in women (60.6%) and the patients aged over 60 years old (57.1%). The frequency of the potentially severe drug-drug interaction was 10.8% with digoxin-furosemide as the most common interacting pair (5.91%). A positive correlation was found between drug-drug interaction, patient’s age, number of drugs and drugs acting on cardiovascular system. So cardiology women inpatients, age more then 60 years old, and patients prescribed digoxin and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors should be closely monitored for adverse outcomes from drug-drug interaction.

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