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Principal Component Prediction Model-based Analysis of Classification and Diagnosis of Sports Fatigue by Chinese Traditional Medicine

Author(s): Q. LANG
Department of Sport medicine, Chengdu Sport University, Chengdu 610041, China

Correspondence Address:
Department of Sport medicine, Chengdu Sport University, Chengdu 610041, China, E-mail:

There has been a long-standing choice of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of sports fatigue in China. However, little research has been done on what factors drive exercise fatigue patients to use traditional Chinese medicine. Based on the representative samples in Beijing and Hefei, this study explored the possible factors for people to see a doctor in traditional Chinese medicine. The results showed that health information media exposure, self-assessment of health status, lifestyle, family income and working status were all related to traditional Chinese medicine treatment, but the impact of these factors on traditional Chinese medicine treatment was significantly different. This paper also discussed the tendency of functionalist use of traditional Chinese medicine and the cultural tradition of traditional Chinese medicine.

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