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Production Of Cephalexin Through Immobilized Xanthomonas Compestris Acylase

Author(s): T. S Dharmarajan, J. V Deshpande, Divekar Kalpana

Partially purified acylase from Xanthomonas compestris (X, compestris) catalyzed the condensation of 7-amino des acetoxy cephalosporanic acid (7-ADCA) and D(-) alpha amino phenyl glycine to form cephalexin. At pH 6.2, 46% of 7-ADCA was converted to cephalexin in 45 minutes. Immobilization of this enzyme, by initial adsorption on bentonite followed by entrapment in alginate beads, helped to stablize the enzyme and rendered the biocatalyst reusable.


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