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Prolonged Release Of Rifampicin From Internal Phase Of Multiple W/O/W Emulsion Systems

Author(s): Sushama Nakhare, S. P Vyas

Release rates of Rifampicin encapsulated in the internal aqueous phase of w/o/w emulsion stabilized by the gelling of the external phase (w/o/gel) were measured as the function of two formulation variables-The oil phases and internal phase volume. The release rate was significantly affected by the nature of the oil phase and decreased in the order of isopropyl myristate (IMP) > sesame oil > liquid paraffin, which was mainly due to maximum and minimum partition coefficient of drug in these phases respectively. The release rate of rifampicin from w/o/gel system was very prolonged. The release was enhanced with increasing in the volume of inner aqueous phase. These results show the utility of the w/o/gel type double emulsions for sustained release preparations and raise the possibility of control of drug release from the double emulsion system.


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