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Provesicular Transdermal Drug Delivery System Of Ethinylestradiol And Levonorgestrel For Contraception And Hormone Replacement Therapy

Author(s): S.K Kumhar, S.K Jain, S.S Pancholi, S Agrawal, D.K Saraf, G.P Agrawal

Transdermal drug delivery of ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel for contraception and hormone replacement therapy was attempted from the proniosomal gel formulations prepared by coacervation phase separation technique. The proniosomes were hydrated with saline solution to form niosomes. Proniosomal gels were prepared from nonionlc surfactants e.g. Span 20, 40, 60 and 80 with egg lecithin, Brij 58, dicetyl phosphate, soya lecithin and cho1esterol.These gels were characterized and evaluated for particle size distribution, spontaneity, entrapment efficiency and stability. In vitro drug diffusion was studied through cellophane membrane and rat skin. The estrogenic activity in immature albino rats was also studied. The formulations prepared using Span 20 and Span 40 (3:1) have shown better in vitro and in vivo performance. This study indicates that proniosomal gel preparation of contraceptive hormones may be used as an effective means for population control programme.


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