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Quality Assurance Of Chyavanprash Through Determination Of Free Radical Scavenging Activity

Author(s): C. J Shishoo, S. A Shah, I. S Rathod, S. G Patel

Free radical scavenging activity of ethyl acetate, alcohol and aqueous extracts of fresh amla fruits, freeze dried amla powder and Chyavanprash was determined by DPPH assay method. Freeze dried amla powder and fresh amla fruits exhibited very good scavenging activity in all the extracts comparable to that of vitamin C. The alcoholic and aqueous extracts of Chyavanprash exhibited a very low level of activity compared to its ethyl acetate extract. The scavenging activity of ethyl acetate extract of Chyavanprash is very high (EC50 3.4 μg/ml) comparable to that of pure vitamin C (EC50 2.99 μg/ml). All the three market samples of Chyavanprash showed comparable activity even though vitaminc C is absent. The results indicate that free radical scavenging activity by DPPH assay method may be used as one of the quality control parameters for Chyavanprash.


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