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Quantitative HPLC Analysis Of Amino Acids In Chyavanprash: A Well Known Ayurvedic Formulation

Author(s): Subha Rastogi, Shashi Bala, R Govindarajan, M Shukla, A. K. S Rawat, Shanta Mehrotra

Chyavanprash is a well known Ayurvedic formulation claimed to be an immunomodulator and is useful in the treatment of chronic conditions such as pulmonary tuberculosis, asthma and cough. It is also widely used as a food supplement for strength and energy. It maintains youthfulness by renewing tissues and counterattacking degeneration. It has been reported to contain proteins which play an important role in fundamental processes of tissue formation, regeneration and function. Since no studies have so far been undertaken to analyze the amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins in Chyavanprash, a quantitative HPLC analysis of the different amino acids present was carried out. Six different samples of Chyavanprash were analyzed by HPLC using a pre column derivatization technique. Analysis results showed that although the concentration varied, only 3 amino acids, alanine, valine and leucine were present in all 6 samples where as proline was present only in 3, lysine was present only in 2 while one was found to be lacking in both proline and lysine. Also, the results were found to be nearly consistent for the two batches prepared in the lab where as there was marked variation in those procured from the market.


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