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Release Rate Of Nimesulide From Different Gellants

Author(s): G. D Gupta, R. S Gaud

Nimesulide (NM) gels were formulated employing different gallent such as Carbopol-940, PEG-6000, PEG-4000, HPMC, Sod-CMC and Sodium alginate in different proportion. These formulations were evaluated for drug content, viscosity, pH, extrudability, homogeneity, irritation, spreadability and release pattern through a cellophane membrane using Fites cyclindrical tube. In vitro release studies of NM from different gels were compared with a marketed NM Gel preparation. Carbopol-940 with and without menthol and PEG-6000 with sodium carboxy methyl cellulose bases of NM Gels showed good release pattern compared to other gals.


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