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Simultaneous Estimation Of Metformin And Gliclazide In Tablets Using Reverse Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Author(s): M Gandhimathi, K Anandakumar, A Cheriyan, T.K Ravi

A simple, efficient and reproducible method for the simultaneous determination of metformin and gliclazide from tablets has been developed using reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography. The separation was done using a mobile phase consisting of 0.025 M disodium hydrogen phosphate and acetonitrile (25:75%v/v) with pH adjusted to 3.2 with dilute ortho phosphoric acid. Column used was Shimpack CLC C8 (250x4 mm 1.d.) 5 μ with flow rate of 1 ml/min with detection at 240 nm. The external standard calibration method was employed for quantitation. An elution order was metformin (2.8 min) and gliclazide (4.3 min).The linear dynamic range was 5-500 μg/ml and 10-100 μg/rnl for metformin and gliclazide, respectively. Analytical parameters were calculated and a full statistical evaluation included.


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