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Solubility behaviour of 3-phenylsydnone in binary solvents.

Author(s): CV Subrahmanyam, KK Mohan, K Satyanarayana
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal - 576 119

Correspondence Address:
C V Subrahmanyam College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal - 576 119

The solubility of a type A meso-ionic compound, 3 - phenylsydnone was determined in dioxane-water and ethylacetate-methanol, methanol-water solvent series. The experimental mole fraction solubility was well below the ideal solubility, indicating strong self-association of solvent or solute or both. However, the solubility parameter values obtained by Fedors and Hoy group contribution methods, peak solubility and regression methods were found to be in good agreement. A value of 11.3 H is assigned to the solubility parameter of 3-phenylsydnone.