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Spectrofluorimetric Determination Of Anthraquinone Glycoside From Terminalia Chebula And Its Churnas

Author(s): S.A Shah, I.S Rathod, Priti Mehta

A simple and sensitive spectrofluorimetric procedure was developed for the estimation of total anthraquinone glycoside in Terminalia chebula (Harde). The method was based on the reduction of anthraquinone glycoside with sodium dithionite solution in presence of phosphate buffer, which shows strong fluorescence in sodium borate solution having excitation and emission wavelength 385 and 495 nm respectively. Linear relationship for the fluorescence intensity was obtained in the range of 80-400 ng/ml. The method was statistically validated and was applied successfully to determine the anthraquinone glycoside in T. chebula fruits and its six marketed formulations.


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