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Spectrophotometric Determination Of Nateglinide

Author(s): A Rajasekaran, S Murugesan, M. K Abdul Hathi, S. N Ajith, G Aruna Devi, G Sowmiya, P Dharmar

Two spectrophotometer methods have been developed for the determination of nateglinide in pure and its pharmaceutical dosage from. In UV spectrophotometric method, nateglinide showed absorption maxima at 210 nm in ethanol (95 %), where as in visible spectrophotometric method it imparted a purple color with Ninhydrin reagent showing absorption maxima at 570 nm. The methods obeyed beer's law in the concentration range of 20-100 μg/ml and 200-1000 μg/ml, respectively. The methods are statistically evaluated for accuracy and precision.