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Spectrophotometric estimation of azithromycin in tablets

Author(s): BK Jayanna, G Nagendrappa, Arunkumar , N Gowda

The present manuscript describes a simple, sensitive, accurate, precise and economical visible spectrophotometric method for the estimation of azithromycin from tablet formulation. The method is based on the reduction of potassium permanganate in alkaline medium with azithromycin. The measurement of decrease in absorbance of potassium permanganate at 547 nm was done, as it decolourises upon reduction by azithromycin. The method was used to determine between 2 and 20 μg/ml of azithromycin in the final measured solution. There is no interference from the ingredients commonly found in azithromycin tablets with this method. The results for the determination of azithromycin in tablets were in good agreement with the labelled quantities and related analytical parameters are calculated.

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