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Spectrophotometric Methods For The Determination Of Chlorzoxazona In Tablets

Author(s): C. S. P Sastry, R Chintalapati

Three simple and sensitive spectrophotometric methods (A-C) in visible region have been developed for the determination of chlorzoxazone. The reactions in all the three methods (A-C) are stoichiometric oxidations when the drug is treated with an excess of oxidant [nitrous acid (HNO2), method A; Nbromosuccinimide (NBS), method B; chloramines T (CAT), method C] in acidic medium. The unreacted oxidant is then estimated calorimetrically by using an oxidisable dye [cresyl fast violet acetate CFVA), method A; celestine blue (CB), method B; Gallocyanine (GC), method C]. Beer's law limits for methods A, B and C are 0.4 - 4.0 μg/ml, 0.4 5.0 μg/ml and 2-12 μg/ml respectively. No interference was observed from tableting additives and the applicability of the methods was examined by analyzing tablets containing chlorzoxazone.


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