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Studies In Transdermal Drug Delivery System For Estradiol

Author(s): S Chakkapan, Kiran Gandhi, Suja Thomas, R. R Katkam, C. P Puri, R Srivastava

Adhesive matrix patches containing estradiol and oleic acid (as skin permeation enhancer); and Eudragit matrix patches containing triacetin and citric acid were prepared and evaluated in terms of their uniformity, skin irritation and in vitro skin permeation. The adhesive matrix patches caused only “very slight reddening” of rabbit skin which was less as compared to marketed control, Adhesive Tape, U.S.P., which caused moderate to severe reddening. The Eudragit matrix patches caused “very slight to well defined erythema”. The in vitro skin permeation rates of estradiol through guinea-pig skin form both adhesive matrix and Eudragit matrix patches were faster than from the reservoir type Estraderm® patch.


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