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Studies On Preparation And Evaluation Of Modified Form Of Gum Karaya

Author(s): G. V Murali Mohan Babu, K Himasankar, B Janaki Ram, A Seshasayana, K. V Ramana Murthy

Effect of temperature and time of heating on viscosity and swelling characteristics of gum karaya was investigated with an aim to prepare modified form of gum karaya. It was found that heating of gum karaya for 2 h at 120º produced modified form of gum karaya with low viscosity and comparable swelling capacity with that of parent gum karaya. The selected modified form of gum karaya further characterized for its physicochemical properties in comparison with gum karaya and evaluated as disintegrant in the preparation of tablets. Theophylline was selected as model drug. Formulations containing modified form of gum karaya showed faster disintegration time than those of formulations containing gum karaya. Optimum disintegration time and dissolution of tablet were obtained with 10% w/w levels of modified form of gum karaya in the formulation. It was found that dissolution efficiency of theophylline was significantly improved in the presence of modified form of gum karaya.


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