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Studies On Release Of Rifampicin From Modified Pulsincap Technique

Author(s): A Seshsayana, B Sreenivasa Rao, Y Prasanna Raju, Cheruvu P. S Narayan, K. V Raman Murthy

Rifampicin release studies from modified pulsincap preparation were performed using different proportions of various hydrophilic polymers such as guar gum, carbopol 940, sodium alginate, hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose, methyl cellulose, gum karaya and poly vinyl alcohol. The in vitro dissolution studies revealed that the release exhibits a Fickian diffusion model. Increasing the hydrophilic polymer content resulted in a reduction in the release rate of rifampicin. Among all the polymers tested, guar gum showed better sustaining capacity even at low concentrations. This technique is more suited for preparing better controlled release formulations.


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