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Studies On Shankha Bhasma - II Comparison Of Antacid Activity Of Marketed Shankha Bhasma With Chewable Antacid Tablet

Author(s): Shubhangi Bagade, H. M Kadam, S.S Kadam, A. R Paradkar

In the present study, antacid activity of two marketed Shankha bhasma formulations was compared with a chewable antacid tablet. The activity was studied on the basis of acid neutralization capacity, Rosset-Rice test and Reheis test. All the products pass the Preliminary Antacid Test U.S.P. The acid neutralization capacity of the chewable tablet is significantly greater than the bhasmas. Bhasma (300 mg.) causes the initial pH to rise slightly above 5.0 and may cause acid rebound effect, whereas, the chewable tablet has slower rate of reaction confirmed by Reheis test. Bhasmas failed to raise pH to 3.0 in Reheis test. Thus the unitary dose for a marketed bhasma as an antacid is 300 mg was confirmed after its in vitro testing.


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