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Studies On Shankha Bhasma - III Studies On Micromeritic And Compressional Properties Of Shankha Bhasma Granules

Author(s): Bhagyashree Divekar, Swati Gadekar, H. M Kadam, A. R Paradkar

Shankha bhasma contains inorganic substances such as calcium oxide and possesses poor compressibility and flow properties. Granules of bhasma were prepared using different binders such as starch, PVP and gelatin. These granules were evaluated for their micromeritic, mechanical, and compressional properties. Starch granules have shown better flowability, mechanical strength and compressibility (low mean yield pressure) as compared to other granules but yielded compacts with very low tensile strength. The tensile strength of the compacts was high with gelatin granules. These results were discussed on the basis of nature of substances and their consolidation mechanisms. Thus, to strike a proper balance between the three properties the use of PVP as a binder is preferred.


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