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Studies On Sulphamethoxazole Solid Dispersions And Their Tablets

Author(s): B Madhusudhan, D Rambhau, V. R Gudsoorkar, J. S Shete, S. S Apte

Several insoluble drugs when prepared as solid dispersions showed improved solubility and dissolution. Techniques of melting and melt-solvent methods were used to prepare solid dispersions to enhance the solubility of poorly soluble sulphamethoxazole. Solid dispersions of various compositions were prepared using mannitol as carrier. An improvement in the solubility and dissolution rates of sulphamethoxazole from solid dispersions was observed. Solid dispersions of sulphamethoxazole mannitol in the proportion of 1:2 prepared by melting and melt solvent method were developed into tablet dosage forms by both wet granulation and direct compression methods. The solid dispersion tablets were evaluated and compared with some of the sulphamethoxazole-trimethoprime conventional tablets available commercially (only sulphamethoxazole was estimated). Solid dispersion tablets of melt solvent method prepared by direct compressable method have shown highest dissolution rate.


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