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Studies On Tablets Of Sulphamethoxazole Using Chitosan

Author(s): R Ilango, S Kavimani, Josephine Premila, Deepa K Nair, B Jayakar

In this investigation an attempt was made to study the release of sulphamethoxazole from tablets prepared using chitosan as a granulating agent. Three different sulphamethoxazole tablets were prepared by using 2% chitosan paste, 4% chitosan paste and 10% starch paste respectively. In Vitro evaluations were carried out by using Dissolution testing apparatus U.S.P. (XX1). The dissolution pattern indicates the role of chitosan in sustained release. Bioavailability studies on male beagle dogs clearly showed the sustained release from chitosan based sulphamethoxazole tablet with reference to conventional sulphamethoxazole tablet.


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