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Study Of Ocimum Basilicum And Plantago Ovata As Disintegrants In The Formulation Of Dispersible Tablets

Author(s): K Srinivas, K Prakash, H.R Kiran, P.M Prasad, M.E.B Rao

Ibuprofen dispersible tablets using Plantago ovata mucilage powder, Ocimum basilicum mucilage powder, Plantago ovata husk powder and Ocimum basilicum seed powder as disintegrants were prepared and disintegrating property was studied. The swelling index of the above disintegrants was studied. Disintegrating property of the above disintegrants were evaluated by comparing with the formulations of starch powder as standard disintegrant. The study revealed that Plantago ovata seed powder and mucilage powder were effective in low concentrations (5%) as disintegrants compared to others. The study further revealed a poor relation between the swelling Index and disintegrating efficiency.


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