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Study On Formulation And Targeting Efficiency Of Amphotericin-B Nanospheres

Author(s): K Santhi, S. A Dhanaraj, S Ponnusankar, B Suresh

Colloidal drug carriers such as nanospheres are gaining importance by achieving reduced toxicity, enhanced efficacy and site-directed action. Hence, bovine serum albumin nanospheres were prepared by pH coacervation method. The potential antifungal agent amphotericin-B was incorporated into nanospheres at various concentrations. The drug-loaded batches were subjected to in vitro analysis and found to exhibit a bi-phasic release pattern. The batch with optimum drug-loading and satisfactory release profile was selected as ideal batch and it was used for in vivo targeting study in mice using HPLC analysis. The targeting efficiency of drug loaded nanospheres was compared with that of free drug in terms of percentage, increase in targeting to various organs like liver, lungs and spleen. The increase in targeting percentage was found to be 56.5%, 40.4% and 31.8% in lungs, liver and spleen respectively.


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