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Study On The Active Delivery Of Methotrexate Microspheres With Mouse Monoclonal IgG In Tumour-Induced Mice

Author(s): S. A Dhanaraj, K Santhi, V Pandit, R Raghu, P Vijayan, M Vasudevan, B Suresh

To investigate the therapeutic applications of immuno microspheres containing cytotoxic agent in affinity-chemotherapy, Methotrexate-loaded microspheres of size ranging from 1 to 3 pm were prepared by emulsion cross-linking method. The drug-incorporated microspheres were conjugated with mouse monoclonal antibodies. In vitro cytotoxicity studies using Hep-2 cells were done and it was found that the Methotrexate immuno microspheres had more affinity towards recognizing and binding to the Hep-2 cells when compared to methotrexate microspheres. In vivo studies were done using mice and the targeting efficiency of the formulations to lungs, liver and kidney was studied. The efficacy of the formulations for their anti-tumour activity was also studied against the Dalton as cites lymphoma cell-induced tumour in mice. Various parameters like weight gain, percentage tumour weight inhibition, and packed cell weight were studied. Our results showed that the methotrexate immuno microspheres group was more therapeutically efficient in terms of better affinity and binding capacity than methotrexate microspheres and free methotrexate in protecting the mice from carcinoma.


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