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Study the expression of ompf gene in esherichia coli mutants

Author(s): R Pourahmad Jaktaji, F Heidari
Department of Genetics, Faculty of Science, University of Shahrekord, Shahrekord 8818634141, Iran

Correspondence Address:
R Pourahmad Jaktaji Department of Genetics, Faculty of Science, University of Shahrekord, Shahrekord 8818634141 Iran E‑mail: [email protected]

The outer membrane porin proteins are the major factors in controlling the permeability of cell membrane. OmpF is an example of porin proteins in Esherichia coli. In normal growth condition a large amount of this protein is synthesised, but under stress condition, such as the presence of antibiotics in environment its expression is decreased inhibiting the entrance of antibiotics into cell. The expression of ompF is inhibited by antisense RNA transcribed from micF. In normal condition the expression of micF is low, but in the presence of antibiotics its expression is increased and causes multiple resistances to irrelevant antibiotics. The aims of this research were to study first, the intactness of micF and then quantify the expression of ompF in ciprofloxacin and tetracycline resistant mutants of E. coli. For this purpose the 5' end of micF was amplified and then sequenced. None of these mutants except one and its clone has a mutation in this gene. Then the relative expression of ompF in these mutants was quantified by real time PCR. There was no significant difference between ompF transcription of mutants and wild type strain. Based on this study and previous study it is concluded that low to intermediate levels of resistance to ciprofloxacin and tetracycline does not decrease ompF transcription.

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