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Synthesis And Antimicrobial Activity Of Some Benzimidazoles

Author(s): Neela J Datta, A.R Parikh, K Deo, S.B Bhatt, P.N Kundu

Reaction between 4-nitro-1,2-diaminobenzene, phthalic anhydride and p-amino acetophenone yielded the starting compound N-(4-acetylphenyl)-4-(5-nitro-1H-benzmidazol-2-yl)-benzamide 1. The compound 1 on condensation with different aldehydes yielded the chalcones 2. Chalcone being a good synthon, reacted with variety of reagents like malononitrile and ammonium acetate, thiourea and hydroxylamine hydrochloride furnished the corresponding compounds i.e. cyanopyridines 3, thienopyrimidines 4 and isoxazoles 5. All the compounds have been characterized using elemental analyses, IR and NMR spectral data. All the compounds have been evaluated for their antimicrobial and antitubercular activity against different strains of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and Mycobacterium smegmatis species and MIC values have also been determined.


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