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Synthesis And Biological Screening Of Imidazolyl Bisbenzimidazoles And Bisbenzimidazolyl Azetidinones

Author(s): R. M Desai, V. H Shah

Some new α-(2-phenyl-4-arylidene-5-imidazolinon- l-yl-amino carbonylmethyl thio)- α,β-bisbenzimidazol-2', 2'-ethane and α-(4-aryl-3-chloro-2-azetidinon-l-yl-amino-carbonylmethyl thio) - α,β-bisbenzimidazol-2,2'-yl- ethane were synthesised. The products have been characterised by IR, PMR, Mass spectra and elemental analyses. The Products have been screened for antimlcrobial activity. Some of the products exhibited comparable activity with standard drugs at same concentration.


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