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Synthesis and evaluation of cellulose acetate maleate as an enteric coating agent

Author(s): R SR Murthy, S Bala, BD Miglani
College of Pharmacy Vihar, Sector-3, New Delhi-110 017

Correspondence Address:
R SR Murthy College of Pharmacy Vihar, Sector-3, New Delhi-110 017

Cellulose acetate maleate (CAM) was synthesised and identified by physical and spectral data. Free film studies like rate of water vapor transmission and permeability with CAM films were compared with those of Cellulose acetate phthalate (CAP). The CAM coated Sodium bicarbonate tablets showed satisfactory core-coat adhesion, acid resistance and no drug loss or coat disintegration in gastric media. However, disintegration of the tablets in simulated intestinal juice was found to be slower than that of CAP coated tablets.


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