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Synthesis And Pharmacological Activities Of Biheterocycles 7-Substitutedphenyl-5-(5'-Substituted-2'-Phenylindol-3'-yl)-1,4-Benzo[b] Diazepines.

Author(s): J. S Biradar, S. Y Manjunath

5-Substituted-2-phenylindol-3-carboxaldehydes (1a-c) were reacted with substituted acetophenones in ethyleneglycol in presence of piperidine to yield the respective chalcones (3ar). When these chalcones were reacted in absolute ethanol with orthophenylene diamine produced 7-substitutedphenyl-5-(5'-substituted-2'-phenylindol-3'-yl)-l,4-benzo[b]diazepines (4a-r). The structures of the newly synthesised compounds were elucidated on the basis of analytical and spectral data. These compounds have been screened for analgesic, antiinflammatory and locomotor activities.


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